quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

(it was) The last good day of the year...

(it was) The last good day of the year... 
All the leaves are turning
Autumn's fingers burnished
Furnished here in hope and in faith in the meantime
Kinda working my way through a dream
I was having alone
There's something there...
(amongst the fallen fruit and flowers)
Won't rest (only minutes, only hours)
Unless (now the morning breaks in showers)
I'm left With the north wind breathing down my neck...
On the last good day of the year.....


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2 comentários:

mfc disse...

E muitos virão ainda para continuares a fazer excelentes fotos como as que nos tens mostrado.

Atlantys disse...

Obrigada mfc, espero bem que assim seja =)***