terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2008

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You Are Hot Chocolate

Your holiday personality is generous.

The holidays are your favorite time to practice the art of giving.

You enjoy picking out presents, sharing treats, and making everyone's day a little brighter.

And you don't even notice if you don't get anything in return.

4 comentários:

Rice Man disse...

Uuuuuui! E eu que sou tão guloso! :P

mfc disse...

Huummm... nada mau!

You Are Champagne

Your holiday personality is celebratory.
In other words, you love to drink!

For you, the holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy yourself.
You figure they only happen once a year, so why restrain yourself?

Ana Omelete disse...

É tudo verdade!
Acertou em cheio esse teste..
Agora percebi.. o chocolate quente, inclui toblerone?



Atlantys disse...

RiceMan: És guloso mas estás de dieta =P

mfc: Nada mesmo, posso brindar contigo? ;)***

Ana Omelete: Hihihi obrigada amiga, o chocolate quente inclui o que tu quiseres =D***