sábado, 13 de maio de 2006

Não está mal...

According to the Movies.com Which Movie Star Are You Like? quiz, you're:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

You've got a few secrets behind that domestic exterior, and we're not just talking about how you've been known to lie about your age. Your spouse may be much older, but we're guessing you're still the one who wears the pants. Not only did you tame a notorious player, you did it while creating a new family and forging your own successful (read: Oscar-winning) career. We certainly wouldn't want to tangle with you!

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4 comentários:

KooKa disse...

You're Jennifer Aniston!

America's Sweetheart? Try America's Victim! The title may help you spark that big-screen career you've long been hungering for, but we're guessing you're probably nobody's victim. You've always been the most likely among your Friends to have a big-screen career — no victimization necessary!


Rice Man disse...

You're George Clooney!

Everyone loves you, and you're only getting better (and better-looking!) with age. You're a generous, loyal and fun-loving friend, and you also seem to really care about your politics, consistently putting yourself on the line for your beliefs. We wish there were more of you out there.

Vá lá!... Podia ter sido pior!

Bord@s disse...

You're Matt Damon!

Your hard work has paid off! You're known as a talented, dedicated, nice guy, who wisely learned from his best pal's failure to keep his lip zipped about affairs of the heart. Also, unlike that unnamed pal, you don't seem to have let success go to your head.

ça c'est tout moi :D

Atlantys disse...

Qualquer semelhança entre este modesto blog e Hollywood não é pura coincidência hehehe